haha I kinda guessed about the sex thing, which sucks!! but I guess they have to make it watchable to the public, I cant wait to see who they'll chose for Christian, Ive been trying to picture his face and it's just too perfect!!!!

Yeah, they wanna tone that part down apparently for audiences. Neither can i, rumor is they start filming in the fall so the announcement should be very soon :) I can only imagine this sexy guyimage

some posters i made

whats the plan for the movie? is it going to be a series or are they going to mash it up into one?

it’s going to be a full length movie, the potential stars lined up to play christian are currently, Robert Pattinson, Henry Cavill, Matt Bomer (Which i would support fully) and James franco. there will be 3 movies to reflect all 3 books. There will be less sex in the movie tho lol

Do you know where I can find the full 50 shades for free online?

Do you mean the books or the movie. the movie isn’t released until august 2014 and the books are available to read via pdf